Scott Robertson style

Had the previlege to attend an 8 hr crash course with Scott and here’s a more daring attempt.

Not perfect though. Man, that guy just sat there and showed us how “easy” it is and finished a rendering in about 30min with explaination… from scratch.

sweet, mr. robertson is one of my favorite artists as far as rendering products and hard surfaces goes…but feng is the man

is it completly digital? did you do this during the 8 hr session? was it a workshop? my favorite thing about demos is the person doing the demo almost always telling you how “easy” it is to do what they do

everytime i see one i half expect to see some shorcut or trick to what makes them so good, but there never is it just all mileage and time spent it is very inspiring…


The logic is really simple once he explains it to you. The rest is up to you to try it and get good at it. P-shop is, afterall, just a tool.

It seems that Scott don’t do as much design works anymore. He’s making money publishing books and DVDs which are selling well. Of course teaching at Art Center helps too.

It’s also sweet that he gave us a CD of his demos and some original p-shop bike renderings with all the layers.