Scott Robertson Photoshop tutorial DVD?

Does anyone own and want to sell, or know where I can get Scott Robertson’s Bicycle rendering DVD for Photoshop? It is sold out everywhere online.



There is a lot of them in our book store (Art Center) since he is a teacher there :slight_smile:
I will get the number of the book store this coming week and post it, you could call and order one maybe.

ebay??? Maybe even craigslist…

I did a search and I found this:

I’m thinking about ordering today, I’ll let you know if I do.

Thanks HC! I’m all over that :wink:

Karabo: I didn’t know you were at Art Center. Nice! How do you like it so far?

Tony: When i started it was tough, but now it is great because i know a lot of people and there are all willing to help me. :slight_smile:


That anime site sent me a message saying it was sold out.

Karabo, let me know if you see any at the store or I will call them Monday and ask… ?

Tony: :sunglasses:

Hey Tony,
Sorry about that.
I found this tutorial:

I am extremely interested in the Scott Robertson DVD so please let me know when you find a place to purchase. I’m still looking but it’s been a few hours now and all roads lead to “sold out” so far :frowning:

i went to the Student Store today and these are the 3 DVDs they have now in store.
Scott robertson

  1. Volume 1 basic perspective
  2. How to draw cars
  3. Creating unique environments

I guess the one you want is “The techniques of scott robertson industrial design rendering-bicycle”
Here is the number of the student store, you should be able to order it there.

M-Th, 7:30a - 9:00p; Fr, 7:30a - 4:30p; Sa, 8:30a - 4:00p


Karabo- Yes that’s the one. I called and supposedly a lady is going to order some, then call me when they come in. I will be amazed if all of this actually happens though. LOL

Thanks for the info man!!! It must be a good DVD based on the availability!


Hey Tony, do you think they are going to send it to you? If not then when you stop by to pick it up let me know so that we can meet :slight_smile: Will be nice

Hey Karabo,

I am going to do my damnedest to get it sent because Pasadena is a HAUL for me. But if not, we’ll def hook up!


So, i’m going to tell them not to sent it to you :laughing: just kidding.

I just called the # flight posted and spoke to a lady there that said she talked to Scott Robertson recently and directly and the Bike rendering DVD is discontinued and won’t be pressed anymore :frowning:

Man I am bummed!
But I did order $350.00 worth of his other DVD’s like all of them :slight_smile:

Hey HC

Yeah, they called me and told me that the other day. Sucks :frowning:

Ah well. Maybe I can find one on ebay someday…

If it’s any consolation the bike rendering DVD is very good, but the vast majority of the info (on photoshop rendering) can be found in other tutorials. I haven’t seen it in a while but from what I remember it really just goes into the basics about using paths to mask areas, and filling them with gradients, dodge/burn, that sort of stuff.

Consider their Harald Belker Car Rendering in Photoshop DVD - or check out other tutorials that are online - they all go over the same basic concepts.

The one I learned the most from was this one from Neville Page:

He is much more loose and painterly. Belker is very tight and deliberate. It’s weird, but I think Page’s demo works well for footwear. I combined it with some of the techniques from Robertson and Belker vids.

Thanks Guys!

Yo- That does look like it will work well for footwear.