Scott Robertson DVD's

I am wondering if any of Scott Robertson’s dvd’s were any good?

I think im going to get the basic perspective form drawing edition…

Love to hear what you think about them…

I have vols 1-4 of his drawing collection and four of his rendering DVD’s. They are worth every penny, and basically taught me how to draw. Vol 1. is a great place to start. Most of the Gnomon stuff I have is excellent. They tend to be a little pricey though.

ok, sweet man

thanks :slight_smile:

yes go get 'em

look on ebay and Amazon. I usually find some that will save you twenty to forty bucks
(forty if you buy a package of three)

ok cool, do u think i should by the pack of three of just the first one?

I bought the three matte rendering DVDs because buying them in a pack was a little cheaper and free shipping. If you can afford buying the group than do it. Word of advice is to go and research the dvds before you buy them check out the sample videos or google the name of the dvd. I have saved some cash buy finding out that certain DVDs are a little out of date.

but the scott robertson DVDs are definitely worth their price.

alright, thanks for the feedback guys :smiley:

I personally love the the Hovercraft DVD. so if you have basic perspective down. I recommend that over the first DVD, as a majority of the first DVD was repetitive of many drawing classes I had already. But the first DVD is a great starting point.