Scott Patt Nike Terminators

These were done by one of my best freinds: Scott Patt - Artist, Designer, Optimist - check out

I like his graphic design inspired by Chinese text book-like characters. I also love the robot. I hope he makes the shoe with robot prints also.

Yo ask your friend scott if he knows another shoe designer named Jay, he works for a company in florida. my friend Jay said he new an “optimist” at nike,(does he go by that name?maybe i am thinking of a different person-will ask jay) that they were friends. he did illustration and now is designing shoes.

i like the work-wouldn’t wear it though, looks-hmm how do i saw it-dunno just not really my style-but they look nice-but would buy to have-and to keep onto. are they sold in retail?

there are som ekids out here that draw on kicks and paint on them, not like this more just like custom made air-force ones for people so that they match there mitchell n ness jerseys- and caps-there from harlem. they are called “remix the kickz”

those kicks are beyond hot… have to pick me up a pair

Very nice.
I like the almost dpm(camo) effect the pattern has. Also the pixelated kangaroo is cool.
I agree that the robot would be good on these. Or maybe the wmp rabbit.
Might just have to get a pair for summer.
Where can you get them in the states?