Scooter Helmet

Hi Guys,

does anyone know how much it would cost to manufacture scooter helmets like the ones form


Approximating from industrially adjacent experience:

Design from the ground up, 30K
Tooling 40-80K (although Momo looks like CNC shell cuts from universal molds)
Testing for compliance with standards 10-15K

Graphic design and material finishes 10-15K
Production in China with quality metallic paints and nicely stitched liners and leather and carbon accents, 25-40$ in quantities of 1000 minimums.


Thanks for the info. what are cnc shell cuts from universal molds? I have an interesting design for a helmet
and I’m not sure how to proceed. Should I patent it first or try to find a company that might be willing to produce
it. That’s why I was considering to do it myself.


Why do you think you need a patent? Is there something mechanically unique about your design, for which a “Utility Patent” might be issued?

The ornamental “shape” of a helmet (or a car, or a cellphone, or a whatever) is protected (if you can call it that) by a"Design Patent". Why DPs are even issued is a mystery to me; essentially all it takes to defeat one, is a single change to the appearance of the product.

On top of the budgetary estimates (~$200,000US) offered, don’t forget that you will have to promote this new product (trade shows, catalogs, magazines, online, etc) and you will have to stock sufficient inventory to support the initial release of it. Some one will have to sell the product, answer questions, etc.

I’d say you’re pushing $500,000 to do it right.

Shaw… you can really get a helmet through DOT/SNELL/UNECE testing for $15K??

the helmet has a unique technical feature, so I assume I would have to patent that. Right now
I’m also looking to reduce cost, maybe not do the fancy momo design direction

Thanks for the input

True, was very optimistic and thinking of one testing standard and a close to standard product offering. Triple that number to eliminate the surprises. 45K sound about right?

Some ABS or fiberglass shells are molded in one given shape and then 5-axis CNC’d to the final edge profiles and venting cut in. It allows for more design freedom than net shape injection. The lenses are done the same way, cut out of blanks.

Any manufacturer will be happy to make helmets for you if you have the sales or the money to order. is one place to look. No manufacturer, (none I know of) is going to invest in a first time helmet idea without orders.

Patents are double or tripled edged swords. Time to patent, money to protect, generally easy to defeat, the vast majority never make back the cost of patenting. A current winner in IP licensing and this whole strategy of marketing is the MIPS anti-rotation system. If a big company sets its sights on you then they can generally defeat you no matter what with enough dollars to spend, and if you intend to take your patent around to big companies and sell them the concept, get ready for years of work in sales and persuasion.

I suggest: Make contact with a helmet company or two that you like, trade shows are good. Make an introduction with a technical person or design leader and have a discussion about the things you are interested in. No need to give anything away, just see if there is a fit in the market and with the brand for your ideas. Don’t be to demanding about contact. Personal entries into companies far exceed all other methods in my experience.

If you have, and can evolve and develop a personal method of looking at helmets and protection, that is a skill that has value and is unique.

Good luck.

I’m not in a big rush right now and after what you have posted I’ve decided to go 2 ways. One way is to simplify the current design and make it
adaptable for most helmets on the market and the second way is to go with the original concept and just make a mock-up.

I’ll post pics if I ever finish what i’ve started and keep you updated

I’ll post pics if I ever finish what i’ve started and keep you updated

Food for thought. Having thus “publicly disclosed” your idea, you will have begun the one-year grace period you have to file for patents in the U.S.

In most other countries, if you disclose before patents are applied for, you have forfeited your right to patent.

I’ll post pics only of the final manufactured product, if it ever gets that far. Thanks for all the input