Scion FR-S Sports Coupe Concept

Saw this today. im curious to see what you think.

I’m not much of a car enthusiast but I don’t see Scion DNA in this at all. I’ve always associated the Scion with the consumer who wants a car with a good balance of style and flexibility, at a decent price. I don’t see that in this concept.

The Scion variant of the AE86, the joint-Subaru/Toyota car that probably won’t see production. Rear wheel drive though. Could be a 1-series eater.

FR-S seems to include all the requisite elements for street racy-ness, big obnoxious diffuser, deep wide fenders, loud graphics front and rear. Doesn’t seem to fit the Scion brand in that all the modding looks completed, rather than starting with a vanilla car and letting the consumer add fiberglass.

I used to think, why can’t they make cheap cars look like cool sports cars, but now I get it. Do you pay extra for door handles?

mrtwills: Good one hehe:)

What surprises me is how far this is from the '86.

The '86 had a geeky modernism about it. It was a kid with a pocket protector that could run a marathon. This thing looks like the kid that picked on him. Obnoxious, brutish, flashy.

I think Scion has always been (tried to be) a more rebellious youth brand. I think this car fits pretty well with that. It’s small, styling is on the provocative side, and there’s lots of room for more spoilers. The rear skirt is a little much even for me, but I like this.

“Obnoxious, brutish, flashy” Niiiiice. :slight_smile:

I love it.
Much better than their previous “AE86 inspired” concepts.
Considering it’s styling among the current Mazda3 and Genesis coupe, I am relieved that Toyota is actually paying attention. I was beginning to think that they were turning into Subaru.

I think they did a great job. It’s a boy racer ride through and through. If I was 18-22, I would have wanted this.

I’m 27 and want this, but if the Toyota FT-86 or Scion fr-s do not come out, well then I’m just going to use the money I saved up to get a aircooled 911 (or bmw z3 m coupe)

Wish they’d stop dicking around, and launch this stupid car already!! :angry:
Preferably as a Toyota…

It looks great in person. Not nearly as tacked together as in the photos. A real baby Maserati GT.

has all the characteristics of a sports compact home run

affordable, light weight, RWD, well balanced (engine placed further back behind axle), low C.G. (boxer), direct injection, and no shortage of factory backed performance upgrads (STI and TRD) among other aftermarket supports

Other than a bit too busy up front, this side profile view is beautiful. Especially if they are going to soften/smoothen up the fender curves.

They are making slow progress, but in a good direction.
waiting for it to be released.


Scion has a new website on the production version of FR-S.

Takes off Affliction hoodie and fight shorts…puts on dockers and white button down.

This got really dull.

Dull isn’t bad (it is a toyota…) more so it is in the bloodline of the 86 and supra. It has electric power steering, I want to pre order one now, but I also want to drive it before I commit. I do think that with some aftermarket and home done touches I’d have it how I want it in short order.

That was my first thought the concept car was toned down. I’m looking forward to seeing the car in person and test driving it. But I don’t like hood crease by the Scion branding. I’m sure the tuners will change that detail.

Toyota didn’t get the “God is in the details.” memo, yet.

I wish they did.

The technical backbone of that thing got me sallivating. For the first time since the original
Miata a major company got the “back to basics” sports car meme right.

And I do love the 4 Zylinder Boxer in front. Subaru never made clever use of that technical
USP. As a whole the car reminds me very much of the best car I ever had as a young jerk.
[You american guys won’t know it]: Alfasud Sprint. Made by Alfa Romeo. It too had a water cooled
boxer in front and a coupe body. But it sat 4 adults and was front wheel drive. Despite of that
it was the best drivers car one could imagine. Eagerly reving with a rasping sound and wanting
to be flung into corners.

I do even see some hints at Alfa Romeo in the interior shots of the new Scion/Toyota/Subaru:

But that may just be me…

The concept was far more contemporary but the parts required couldn’t be found in the bin:

Despite the production car loosing some of the flavour I am looking forward to the first test drive and
am thinking of building the Subaru version into something even more restrained, oozing classic racing style.


I think it’s going to be banned in Germany:

You can’t go driving around with the nazi SS symbol on the side of your car, can you?

I think the design is ok. I think the proportions are way off of what I would like. I’d take an Alfasud, rust and all, before the Toyota.