Scion Floorplan Design Contest Results

After 3 months, the winners of the Scion Showroom Contest have finally been anounced, and whadaya know, I didn’t win! :blush: The winners are pretty weak IMO.

They say judging was based equally on four categories: creativity, manufacturability, functionality, and appropriateness to the Scion brand/buyer. It looks more like the 1st and 2nd prizes were judged mostly on manufacturability, because they certainly aren’t very creative.

This was my submission. I was more interested in creating an inviting environment than with mass production / manufacturability. The aluminum canopy structure is covered with a sheer fabric graphic, making reference to the glass roof on the tC.

Man, I agree with you. The first two concepts do nothing for me. They look like generic spaces with a Scion logo in the background. Maybe I missed something though…I’m not an interior designer.

Check your links to your images because I can’t see them!

Sorry - links should be fixed now. You didn’t miss anything. You certainly don’t have to be an interior designer to appreciate a good space!

I thought the third place winner was OK the other two looked pretty mundane, maybe the manufacturing aspect factored in more than than they let on…


You have my vote. Of the three who actually placed, I’ll agree with yo, third should be first. First and second are your typical layouts.

I agree with the rest of posts - I was disappointed to see very manufacturable, derivative concepts chosen as winners.

Based on Scion’s brand character, this was very surprising to me.

I’m interested to see other people’s entries for the competition. May we use this thread to share our entries? (i’ll post mine soon)

Have you seen their new cars? :wink:

Agree, 1st and 2nd are weak in most aspects, 3rd was quite good I thought. Yours is pretty neat, definately better than the first and second ones. Maybe Scion had a budget and couldn’t be bothered doing anything…good

Here’s the entry for the Scion Floorplan competition that Brandon Lynne and I collaborated on. We felt that Scion needed to infuse its space with more elements of its culture, as it does with the other aspects of its brand. We created “Workshop.”

Buying a Scion is not simply about owning a car, its about self-expression, a way of life. This space renovates the played-out car dealership and elevates the products to art status.

More images and description at my coroflot portfolio - Michael Roller, Designer in Cincinnati, OH

Did anyone else on the boards enter this competition? If so, I’d really like to see some other entries. Post up!

I wasn’t aware of that competition and the results aren’t really exciting.

By my experience in the exhibition field I would say that a rough price approximation of the winner would be around 40-60k and kinetik’s submission around 60-80k (depending on construction details). You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to guess that the price of the design was maybe the most important factor. Most of the submission I made for my work are really constrained by budget (around 25-30k) and still look better than first place!

Should have participated!

p.s. prices are in Canadian $$$

The competition states that manufacturability (and cost) would be equally weighted along with creativity, brand relevance, etc.

Since it was a competition, I anticipated that Scion would be interested more in seeing new ideas for car showrooms, not in ones that could be quickly and affordably implemented. Originally, I believed the competition was to generate excitement about the brand. Now its more clear that they were interested in getting something cheap and easy. I honestly don’t believe any of the winning designs create a different experience than their existing showroom.