SciFi nerds excited about the Apple Foundation Series?

Any other SciFi nerds excited by the Apple TV Foundation series? The Isaac Asimov “Caves of Steel” and “Foundation Series” were the first real sci fi books I ever read in 7th grade. My school library had “The Foundation Trilogy” has a 400 page or so single volume… it took me a long time as a 13 year old to make way through that! Lots of renewals on that library card :slight_smile:

This looks great, the first Foundation was really impactful on me as a kid as well (alongside some of Alfred Bester’s works). So far the trailer seems promising! Recently we’ve been watching “Devs” which has been pretty incredible. Some really powerful set design/practical visual effects if you need something to hold you over in the meantime.


I had’t heard of Alfred Bester, thanks, will check out his books!

I watched a bit of Devs. Amazing show. It was a little too intense for me right now to be honest, I need to go back to it at some point.