I am currently deciding between U of Houston I.D. undergrad program or U of Lauisiana at Lafeyette. Which one is better?

Last year in their best-thing-in-each-state article, ID listed the program at UL as the best thing in Louisiana. If I remember correctly, the person in charge of the program was very focused on getting local business interested in ID and finding opportunities for students to work on projects with business. It sounded like the sort of place I’d consider if I were graduating from a Louisiana high school and looking for a place to study ID.

UH’s program is a part of Architecture, right? When I was there 15 years ago, Art seemed to be the ugly stepchild, Architecture however had tons of money thrown at them for new facilities. Maybe the ID department will be better funded than say, painting or photography, and you won’t have to work in a condemned building or fight for limited locker space. (Not that I still have issues about how we were treated, no…).

UH (and most public Texas schools) are very sports oriented and you’ll need to learn to grit your teeth every time you see the university throw money at athletics while you get hand-me-down resources.

On the up-side, UH is a massively huge commuter school. This is good if you’re a serious full-time student because many of your classmates will be dealing with outside distractions like work and family.

Houston is a big city compared to Layfayette, but that means there are more distractions as well as opportunities.

If you didn’t grow up in the area, you’re going to hate the weather in either city.