I am a student at a local community college in Ohio, next door to my school is Columbus College of Art and Design. Any good? A friend of mine goes there for graphic design, he said the ID area is good. Some guy won some housewares competition.

Has anyone heard anything about The Columbus College of Art and Design CCAD?

Thanks~ Design-Guy

It’s not bad and it’s cheap. I went there once as a visiting critic, and one of my best friends is an Alum.

For local schools I would recomend the University of Cincinatti, Cleveland Institute of Art, and College for Creative Studies, all three have better reps.

Hello, Michael

Your friend, Aaron, right?

I am a junior at CCAD I think you went for a critic a couple of years ago when I was a freshman. I hear your crazy for design. I feel you on that. You have to live it and breath it.

I think some big wig at Nike is a CCAD Alum. Not sure of his name though. I remember seeing his stuff at the Alum art show.

I personally am an avid backpacker and camper, not so much with homework and all lately but none the less an outdoor enthusiast. Is it necessary to do work that involves outdoor design stuff to work in an area such as Nikes outdoor brand? Or do you just need to be a good designer in general?

I worked with a local plastics company in Columbus and my design will be used to redesign their current container when they retool. I don’t have any experience as far as internships go, but my fiance calls me a workaholic. I wanted to work so much on design stuff I got a job in our ID department so I can come in anytime I want to work and not just when the labs are open. I know i need to work on sketching and everything in general but I want to learn and work hard at whatever I do. Sorry I’m just going on and on. Anyways, any ideas, tips? Thanks

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Yes, did you check out his lecture a few weeks ago, I heard it was great.

How are you liking the program there? You are right to maximize your time there.

It was great we did some sketches of razors and talked a bunch. It was really helpful.

How is Nike? Great I bet!

if your in columbus, cleveland and detriots id programs are much better

I have some friends that go/went to CCAD (I go to OSU, you probably go to Columbus State or Franklin, right?)

As I’m sure you already know, freshman/foundations year is for weeding students out. A LOT of students get weeded out. A very talented friend of mine majoring in Graphic Design couldn’t take it after the first semester. I heard they have something like a 37% graduation rate. Also, I hear that Industrial Design is the hardest programs. But don’t let this discourage you, it’s a great school and they have fantastic job placement for graduates. They also have really good funding and scholarships for talented students based on portfolio.

Hey, I’m going to CCAD as a freshman this fall. It’s supposed to be pretty highly reputed, except apparently no one has heard of it outside of the midwest, I guess.
We have a pretty big thread goin on over at Having not actually gone there yet, I don’t have much to say other than I’ve heard lots of good things about it, and they gave me a hell of a lot of financial aid.