Schools with bachelor's 2-year programs

I’m not completely sure on what I’m going to major in at college. So, I’m thinking about going to a local school that is cheaper and has a few majors I’m interested in to get the general education requirements done. (University of Pittsburgh).

Anyway, I’m trying to find some schools that have bachelor’s degrees in Industrial design that

a) Will accept credits from Pitt in place of the college’s own general ed courses.
b) Has a two year “major” type of program that I can easily fit into.

Carnegie Mellon is one of the schools where the program is two years, but most of the ones I’ve looked at have design-oriented classes in the first two years. Can you recommend any others that would fit into my plan?


most design schools actually take three years to complete the design program, and require specific gen ed classes, esp at private schools.

Out of state tuition will eat those savings you get from going to Pitt. so CMellon or UArts are your best options in Pa.

If I was going to Design School in the Midwest again UC, CIA, OSU, CCS, CMellon would all get a visit and while I was in Columbus I’d stop in at CCAD. UC and OSU have strong programs and are great value. UC’s internship program is a great benefit and the $ earned might offset some your educational expenses.

Good Luck