schools that offer a masters in ID to students without ID ba


without a portfolio, I don’t think anyone outside of PRATT and IIT will consider admitting someone to a graduate degree program.

I agree that you are going to need some sort of portfolio. SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design) will except you without a BA in ID but not without a portfolio. Also you might want to check out RIT as the have a packaging school and an ID program. Do your research. You will find many school that are all pretty much the same when it comes to this topic.

I do have one question though and that is…Why do you want to jump right back into school? There are a ton of Pkg jobs out there for Packaging Scientist/Engineers. Working for a few years for a major consumer package goods company would really benefit you in the long run if Pkg is what you want to do. Just to name a few major players in pkg.

Utah paper box
Altivity/Graphics Pkg
Product ventures


Transfer to an ID School

On the job training - a packaging internship with one of the companies listed

On your own, as another full time job - entering every student competition using them as vehicles to teach yourself whatever is possible to pick up.

you’ll have to be seriously self-motivated. You’ll be competing for grad slots with kids who’ve had all the foundations and sometimes real design experience.

I went to Pratt and currently work for Graphic Packaging International. It will be difficult to enter into Pratt’s Master’s program but not impossible. I suggest you get in touch with their admissions department and see what the requirements are. When I was there, they had quite a few people in the master’s program that were not from a design/art background. Your engineering background could help you out as well.

You could also do what others suggested, get into one of the companies listed and work your way into the creative side of the department. Use those pieces for your portfolio and apply for a program then.

UIUC, You may have to take some art classes if you are really rough in sketching or model making.


Auburn University provides a post-bac program. You take one summer and full year of classes as an Environmental design student, then the professors will look at your portfolio of things that you have done through out the time. If they accept you you will be a masters student. In the end you will receive a bachelor’s of Environmental design and a masters of Industrial design.

If you have some basic skills, Pratt’s not a problem. Without basic skills, they’ll ask you to take some pre-entry classes at night (sort of a crash foundation, for ID, suite of classes) and you’ll be good to go. I don’t think they’re too terribly demanding. In the end, it’s all about the money they can get from you.