Schools that accept students incomplete degrees?

I’m 7 years into my BSc - the wrong BSc that I was never cut out for, and struggled with all this time.

I was planning on graduating and applying for an M.Design somewhere in Europe, but I worry that I might not be able to graduate. I’ve done over 90% of my credits, but these last few are proving to be near impossible to get. I failed more classes last term, and this term isn’t going well at all.

That’s what this Philosophy student gets for switching into Science , thinking he can pass it …

Ideally, I’d just drop out now and focus until next winter on building my portfolio, and honing my skillset. I also have a few projects I’ve been dying to work on, but couldn’t because school kept getting in the way.

Does anyone know of schools in Canada or Europe that consider applicants who have done 90% of their Bachelor’s credits?

At this point I may be dropping out anyway due to burnout, but I’d still like to know which schools might be suited to me.


Personally I have never heard of any reputable school in Europe or else where that would accept someone for a Master course without a Bachelors of some kind.
And that’s a good thing. A masters is really a step up from a Bachelors and an opportunity for students to build on already acquired skills.

What specifically are you studying now? Do you have any ID specific education or experience?
Is there any way for you to apply to an ID bachelors and transfer previous credits?

I’m really struggling with finishing my degree. I’m taking ultra high-level mathematics and CS theory classes that I simply cannot do, and i have no other course selections. I’m stuck.

I’m going to be placing calls next week to see what I can do.

As for ID education or experience, I haven’t any education but I’ve done some design work for two companies as a freelancer . (I pitched designs for ideas that they were seeking, and they developed them internally . Unfortunately none of them made it to market)

I would totally apply to an ID bachelor’s if it were possible…

I just checked as your name sounded familiar.
You wrote about 2 years ago about your struggles and got some good advice.

It sucks to be stuck in an education that isn’t a good fit. I totally get that. Back in high school, I was terrible in certain subjects, while I excelled in others.
I am curious why you decided to continue with your current track even though you already felt dishearten back then?

Why is it not possible?

It absolutely is. I meant to say that I would absolutely do an ID bachelor’s if I got accepted.

I decided to continue because I thought it was the quickest way to get into ID. Finish my current degree then go straight into a M. Design.

Unfortunately, I underestimated how difficult it would be , even studying part-time. Taking fewer classes per term doesn’t make them easier, or so I learned.

Bengt, I was just prescribed anti-anxiety meds for the stress I’m feeling. But …

Something tells me that if I quit, take a couple of weeks to cool off, and get cracking on my design projects and portfolio, I won’t have a need for any of this medication.