Schools on the east coast and Midwest......

I am asking you guys for help. I have a 17 year old sister that is starting to think about college. She has looked at me for advice on schools and wants to follow in my footsteps with going to art school and although she is very talented (probably more than me) she doesn’t really know what she wants to do. I want to encourage her to go to school for some sort of design so I want to find a school that caters towards all sorts of design. My question for you guys is what schools do you recommend on the east coast or the mid west area. We live in NJ and as she wants to go away she doesn’t what to go as far as me sense I went to Savannah. I have my ideas of schools in the area but I thought I would put it out there for you guys to give me some suggestions and see what you guys think are the best all around design schools in the area.

Thanks for the help.

the list is well known,
it’s not uncommon to change majors, a school with a lot to choose from is a good idea.
Suggest some universities as well, to give her options outide of art+design should she discover what her passion is later on.

The latter was my reason for chosing Virginia Tech over an art school. After graduating, I agree that I would have gotten a more traditional ID experience from an art school, but I think I learned what I needed + had a fairly diverse education with a good bit of engineering experience.

Thanks for the help. I will pass it on. If anyone else has any suggestion please feel free to post.