schools in Ohio

I’m looking more and more into schools in Ohio.

What are the pro’s/Con’s or Cleveland Institute of art and CCAD? one thing I am REALLY looking into is the internship availability that both schools offer. How challenging are they and how respected in the ID community are these schools. I want a challenge and have ZERO desire to waste my time getting a mediocre education. Will it be worth it to attend either one of these schools?

thanks for any info you can help me with!

EDIT: Can’t touch University of Cincinatti cause my old High School grades were pretty bad (grad 10 years ago if it even matters anymore, KIDS! GET GOOD GRADES AND STOP DRAWING ALL OVER YOU SCHOOL NOTES!)

Apply to, and visit all four Ohio programs (hit CCS, and U of M for comparisons).
Don’t sell yourself short - poor grades 10 years ago are not a reflection of your current capabilities. ‘Returning Students’ are often the most disciplined - hardest working people in school and you wont be the only one (particularly at UC)
Cleveland as a 1st choice with Columbus as a backup is a good plan, either of those with a transfer to UC is the best plan.

If your grades are really that bad, you might only be able to get into Columbus State or Franklin. Do that, it’s super cheap.

At Columbus State you can get Ohio State GECs out of the way. Ohio State has a decent ID program, but you can only apply in the Winter.

A tentative game plan:

Attend Columbus State, boost GPA, take Ohio State GECs (meet with OSU counselor to discuss those), and apply to OSU’s ID program this winter (they require an exam and a portfolio)

Do it! Good luck.

Cleveland Institute of Art is a great school I have seen a lot of great designers coming out of there. I went to UC and I am a little biased but the facilites and professors are great and their co-op program was probably the most useful part of my education. I went from coast to coast doing internships and got to try everything from consultancies to footwear to toys to medical products learning from professionals.

Its a relatively high bar to enter the program but there isn’t a portfolio review and they are great about transferring general education credits. (not design class credits).

I couldnt tell you much about the other ohio programs because I have never really met anyone thats graduated from them in a work scenario. (interpret that however you want)

If you get a chance to look at work and facilites from some more acclaimed schools do so. Just make sure that you have the technology and outlets that you need to perform to your best level.

Good Luck!

I just noticed the edit in your post. If you are really interested in going to UC talk to a professor there. Gerry Michaud, Dale Murray, Craig Vogel, or Robert Probst. UC loves people that took thier time to make up thier minds and you could work out a way to get in. If there is anything worth a little extra effort its your life.