Schools in Berline for Exchange


I really would like to go to a design school in Berlin for an exchange. I am now doing the master industrial design at the university of eindhoven, netherlands. Which is quite good but I am a little bored and would like to live in Berlin for a while. The city seems amazing to me.
I’ve seen there are two product/industrial desing courses, on the UDK and KHB. Could anyone that has experience there tell me something about the differences between the two universities and course? When somebody wants to know more about the program in Eindhoven, just ask! :slight_smile:


hi ivo - i dont know the schools in berlin that good, but ask your question on - its the biggest german design student website. you can ask in english if you dont speak german.

Kunsthochschule Berlin-Weissensee, Hochschule fur Gestaltung, in a part of Berlin, had an ID exchange program with NCSU… some good friends in design school were from over there. Maybe that is KHB. They were pretty good with developing ideas but they didn’t seem to focus on the artistic renderings as much. I dont know for sure, thats mainly from the 2-3 guys I knew from there

PS - there used to be a american guy who would set up internships in Germany, first 6 weeks of language classes, then 6-9 month at an ID consulatacy. Cost $5000, and the internships paid a little too. 2 friends did that and said it was a great experience. I can look his name up if you want

are you at TUE or DAE in eindhoven

KHB is the place. We are the design school #1 in Germany as far as international cooperation is concerned. We have cooperative agreements with design schools and universities in Taiwan, Korea, Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, Guatemala, Colombia, the U.S. (OSU), and Canada (ECIAD), plus another few in Europe (Barcelona, Milan, Warsaw). Correspondingly, our students are always traveling abroad (exchange semesters, workshops), and we always have a vast number of foreign students on exchange. Our projects are typically chosen to give our students a real chance at a satisfactory career, and we often work with industry (conventional design and research projects). There are several professors with whom you could do a project here (different backgrounds, different philosophies). If you do your project with my group, you will be okay if you speak English well enough. The others prefer German, but all our students are fluent in English. For postgraduate studies German is a legal requirement.
Feel free to visit our school at or myself at
Prof. Hartmut Ginnow-Merkert

Hey IVo, can you tell me what you think of the ID programme at TUe?

Hi JlisbethJ, are you interested in the undergraduate or the graduate program?
I’m now in the graduate program and have also done the undergraduates, what information do you need?