Schools for transportation

Hi all,

I don’t have an undergrad ID degree but work in urban planning/transportation planning. I’d like to work more on the design side of things, especially in public/rail transport but also to a degree personal vehicles (cars). What are the good MA programs for this?

Art Center won’t take me as a grad (I don’t have the time or money for a 4-year UG degree) and the other one I can think of is RCA in London, which seems extremely competitive. Pratt here in NY has a seemingly weak transportation program.

Thanks :slight_smile:

the University of Cincinnati has both trans and urban planning in DAAP.
if you have a planning degree, there might be some room in the design masters program, but getting into the trans studios would take a LOT of work.

I wouldn’t even call it a program… more of a dabbling. It’s just a couple of classes that aren’t focused on practical aspects. They are fun and challenging, but not very applicable.

Did Art Center turn you down for grad period? You could do ID grad and take trans classes from what I hear.

They didn’t turn me down, in fact I haven’t applied. But when I inquired about admissions, they said you need a Ugrad ID degree.

What a pain. It seems like such a waste to insist on something like that. They can be difficult. They said ID specifically or just design related?

Either way… That sucks. DAAP is a fine choice though.