Schools for Audio-centric Newmedia/Interactive Design

I’m a junior in High School with a background in audio and music. I’m currently very interested in interaction design, specifically for the purpose of musical expression.

I know finding a college with such a specific focus is a bit of a pipe-dream, but I’d like to find a college that offers fairly focused new-media/interactive design (allowing me to focus on music outside of school) or a school that offers some sort of music program and a technology/design program.

The two prime candidates I’ve found so far are:

Parsons (Design and Technology Program)
Concordia [Montreal] (They offer Computational Design and Electroacoustics as majors/minors)

Also, does anybody know any other forums similar to this that are less “industrially” focused? I found this through Google.

Shoot me an email:

NYU ITP program

ITP is a graduate program.

I’ve also been told that it’s overly competitive and pretentious.

I was told “screw ITP, go to Parsons instead”.