schools for athletic protective equipment?

can anyone recommend a good school for athletic protective equipment? I am specifically interested in learning to design hockey goalie equipment.

I know I’m not likely to find a school that teaches goalie pad design specifically but does anyone know of a school that has a specialty in soft goods/sports equipment?

any advice would be greatly appreciated!

You aren’t going to find any schools that focus in such a highly specialized area. Design schools teach the design process, what you design is for you to take an interest in. Theres no reason you can spin projects into something more along what youre interests lie in. It may not work for every project, but most schools give you enough projects that a few can be really tailored to what you want to do.

Theres also no reason you can’t spend time on your own designing goalie stuff while learning design the regular way. I spent a good bit of my time at school designing bike parts for my own personal interest/business, rather than for school.

These guys design a lot of sport equipment:

as does Bauer of course:

Might not be a bad idea to go to school close to one of these places. University of Cincinnati or Columbus College of Art and Design for example.

hmm, maybe a college that would have a sports medicine program?

thanks for the tips and the links, I’ll check them out

You won’t find a specific design course on sports equipment but you can choose to specialise in such a field during your studies. I’m also in Montreal and have been working for hockey companies for 4 years now. I’m studying at Montreal University in industrial design and pretty much all the hockey business has taken the same path. All the big hockey companies and there de sign officies are located in the greater Montreal area such as NikeBauer like Yo pointed out or Reebok-CCM.

Hope this helps.