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I want to become an industrial designer. I am currently a University student.
I’m thinking of different ways that I could get into this field.
How about doing an Fine Arts undergrad and Masters in ID? Will that give me a job?

… nothing is going to GIVE you a job in ID, there are no garauntees…

but doing a BFA and then earning a MID is certainly a good path. Why not just undergrad in ID though?

Because it might actually take me less time to do both FA undregrad and ID Masters then doing an ID undergrad.

Right now I’m in Econ undergrad, but I’m taking some FA courses. I’m graduating in Aug 06, so I’ll probably be able to get advanced standing in FA program (more likely then in ID program at other schools) My idea is to try to finish FA program in 2 yrs after I graduate from Econ, then do a one yr Masters ID. Just trying to think of the best path for me to become an IDer… There is the time (especially for a female) and money issue…

Do you know of any good Master ID programs? I should contact the ppl there to ask is an FA undergrad will get me into the program…

Faster isn’t allways better…actually it rarely is.

agree with yo.

faster isn’t always better… how true!

the more i try my hardest to break into ID industry ( graduated in 03, and
now trying and trying to land my dream job…), the more painfully i realize
there is no faster way…you just gotta take one day at a time.

don’t look for the short cut. Look for what will get you trained properly.

it is a competitive profession.
without the skillsets, 1or 2 internships, and your own unique way of
problem solving, you are just left with a piece of paper that says you were an id major…

I strongly agree.

The one year Masters are rare (2 I know of) and are methodology based - intended for experienced professionals. Several Masters programs are three years long, regardless of undergraduate degree. Without the basic skills training of a bachelors, you have at least a three year program ahead of you, also, at the Masters level you will be spending half your time in seminars and doing research…instead of products.

complete the Econ, get advanced standing in undergrad ID and go through the Soph-Senior training with as much Marketing as you can fit in.
Do yourself a favor - don’t skimp on the education, and anywhere that will allow you to isn’t worth attending.

Hi McDull

These peeps speak the truth. 98% of people who take a Masters in ID after getting a BFA with advanced standing are going to be miserable, constantly behind, and eventually unemployed. (You may be the other 2% - but you won’t know that until 6 months after you get our Masters - so why even risk it)

Getting into an ID school is very hard. Graduating and getting a job is even harder. At my alma mater I would say only the top 15% get jobs in ID.

I don’t want to disuade you from ID. It’s a great career. You should go for it. However - If you really want to work in ID take all of this advice from the above posters very seriously and enroll in an ID undergrad.

thanks guys
I am applying to Carleton University in Ottawa, Ontario (their Co-op and exchange program sounds very good) and Ontario College of Art and Design in Toronto. Hopefully I can get advanced standing into secound yr… Just really wished I had discovered my truth love sooner…


Great job applying to carleton. By far the best engineering-oriented school in Canada. A good friend of mine is in Holland right now doing an internship through Carleton and is loving it! Its also REALLY easy to get credit for past courses. I was going to apply to the undergrad, but after speaking with one of their long-time professors (they were going to give me a full year worth of credit) they told me I was over-qualified. Mind you I’m already in the biz, and was just looking to take things to the next step. If you have the time, its definitely worth it. I also grew up in Ottawa and its a great town. Was there last week, and its still just as beautiful.


What did you studied before?? How did you get into the business without an ID degree?

Yeah, I heard that Ottawa is more inspiring then Toronto…