School with best faculty for graphic design

I’m very interested in communications, visualizations, information design, etc… I’m looking for a grad school (MFA or MDes) where I can have access to a great group of mentors (preferably still practicing). What school would that be?

I heard RISD has great ID faculty, but how about graphic design?

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The one that I was very attracted to on the basis of faculty was MICA. Ellen Lupton directs their MFA program, and the students actually work to write, design, and publish books with her. It’s a teeny tiny program though, only accepts 8 people/year.

pretty sure Yale is still the top graphics MFA.

…in the rankings, but anyone applying to schools ends up with their own personal order of preference that may or may not have any relationship with those rankings. Everyone’s got different priorities, and it’s good to hear from the different perspectives because one or more might resonate with you in an unexpected way.

MICA does sound interesting, but I actually don’t have a design bachelor’s. So I’m lookinig for a school that has a 3 years master’s program. So far I’ve seen RISD and Yale have it…

… RISD/Yale, their 3 year program is for the rigor, not to make up for lost time.

ah, see I was actually looking for the opposite. I couldn’t take the idea of a three-year program, already having a 5-year undergrad degree (B.Arch).

The three-year programs are typically geared towards those who have a degree in a different area of design or in fine arts. Very few programs take students from another field entirely- I remember California College of the Arts mentioning that they tend to end up with about one person per year who gets in despite having a completely unrelated undergrad degree. If you’re dead set on an MFA, I’d recommend taking night classes at a local school to prepare for it.

You might check out RIT. Also, I suggest posting this on a graphic design forum similar to this.

Here is an unbiased review of the coordinator of the RIT Graduate Graphic Design Program.

To the moderator. This is not slander as it is true. To omit this response is to hide the truth. I was there and experienced it first hand as have many others. This instructor provided the single most soul crushing, negative experience I have ever experienced. All at the financial and emotional expense of students. It is a shame, since RIT as a whole is a decent school. But as they say “one bad apple spoils the bunch”.

you’re talking about one professor, whom I’ve happened to meet in the past, and who I also happen to know has taught many students who think the world of her. Further, I know that she has had a great deal of personal loss recently, so cut her some slack.

Reading the review you linked to, it sounds a bit immature and vindictive.

I’ve seen some excellent work come out of that program, and even if the professor you refer to was as bad as what was implied from your posted link, doesn’t mean that this school is a bad choice for 1ab.

RIT also happens to have a great archive of original graphic design work by some of the most influential designers of the last century. I understand that the Vignellis are affiliated with the program as well.

1ab should at least check it out and decide for themselves.

yikes. The first review is pretty petty (a large amount of printing is to be expected in graphic design, get used to it!), but the fact that the AVERAGE grade for her was an F says something. I got into that program, and am now feeling a bit like I dodged a bullet by not accepting my place there.

The link to the professor evaluations website no longer works. I wonder what happened!!! I suppose she was cut some slack!!! :frowning: