School Suggestions, I'm kind of lost.

So I know I have just put another post, but whatever I have a lot of questions in my head and not a lot of resources for answers. So I have no real art community to tap into besides you guys. So I need some school suggestions. I am currently in Africa, but my home is GA. I don’t really want to be in GA so SCAD’s out of the question, though savannah’s cool. I studied aerospace engineering at GaTech and applied to their program and was accepted, but again, I want to go somewhere else. I do have a portfolio though I don’t know how ‘good’ it is, it doesn’t really have a focus. I like the technical side of things like coding, material science, and mechanics but I really want to learn to design. So a course with both would be ideal but with design only(I guess theory-based is what I mean) is fine, I can supplement my degree with other electives I figure. Basically I like the technical and it’s all I really have but I love design and want to do it, but know little to nothing about 98% of these schools. So any suggestions would be most appreciated. (what do all those acronyms mean?)

read all you can here, and at the IDSA website.
once you have more info - ask about specific schools.

you could consider, starting off at Tech but transferring to another school 2nd year as a way to learn more…

Try Köln International School of Design in Germany. Don’t have to have too much germany ability, and it’s cheap! Compared to studying in the US. Definitely worth a look. website: