School Recommendations?

Hi, I’m 25 with an engineering background looking into a career change into Industrial Design…any suggestiions as to schools/what I should do to improve my chances of getting into a school? I was thinking about either the northeast or northern California area for schooling, which ones are the good schools in those areas? Thanks!

Hi, and welcome to the boards, there is a lot of information and opinions on various school for various reasons in here.

have you read through any of the threads? similar questions have been asked.

There are LOTs of choices for id depending on your college record, portfolio, or lack of one, and available funding.

2. Carnegie Mellon
3. University of Cincinnati ( which doesnt require a portfolio by the way) and has ID and transportation design.
4. Pratt Institute
5.Columbus College of Art
6. Cleveland College of art
7. MICA ( I think)
8. Otis school of Art and Design in Californai
9. Syracuse University
10 Rochester Institute of Technology

This should get your started

Hey do all these schools offer masters in ID by the way and does anyone have any idea about spring admission in these schools.

I am an aspirant for spring 2006 and i need ur gudiance all the way…

DO respond …

YO some help here please…


Most do offer masters in ID. You need to check out the schools.