School recommendations anyone?

Can anyone recommend a Master’s program which is a good value for the money that also offers excellent guidance, job placement, and work/study opportunities? I live in Boston but am willing to go pretty much anywhere if the program is right. Specifically, any words of wisdom about University of North Carolina (UNC)…or perhaps other state schools as they are considerably cheaper?

Thank you for your advice!!!

since out of state tuition comes close to private school tuition you might as well just pick the school you like best. read up on all the posts concerning schools - and grad programs, then come back with more questions. UNC may be perfect for you, or not.

Does UNC have an ID Program? Is that what your looking for?

I left NC a couple of years ago and NCSU and ECU had the best design programs in the area…

Oops…I didn’t mean UNC, I meant NC State…