School or major more important?

I wanted to get your opinions on which direction I should go. I live in Texas now and my passion is Furniture Design. I’ve found Metro State in Colorado (am looking to move to Colorado anyway) and it is by no means anything of status like Pratt, UofC, Art Academy, etc…but it also doesn’t have their tuitions either which is why it’s a major contendor.

Is it going to give me what I need or a will it be a waste of time? I’m debating on either the ID program or an individualized degree in Furniture Design using both the Art and ID departments. In fact, I’ve got two and a half years under my belt towards a B.A. in Studio Design, but wouldn’t it be better to have a ID or Furniture Design degree even if it is from a school like Metro since it has the tools and courses (woodworking, metalworking, plastics and such) than having to compromise with a Art degree?

Plus, if my love is for furniture…would ID be a bad decision in itself or do you think that it would be beneficial? I started looking into ID because I am wanting to specialize in ultra contemporary/modern pieces and have a strong interest in the industrial aspects of moldable plastics and warm/cold metals versus strictly using wood and other traditional materials.

Oh…one more thing. ID would be accredited by the NASAD where Furniture Design would not. Not sure if that matters in the real world or not.

Any help would be greatly appreciated and thanks in advance for your time :slight_smile:

neither stanford nor the institute of design are NASAD accredited fyi

Get an ID/product design degree. You can choose to emphasise on furniture design when you graduate.

ID degree will teach you how to think- Most important thing.

Thanks for the advice!

Now, I’m just a little bummed after hearing that Metro (and any other college in Colorado) is pretty much considered “unworthy” for ID. I’m so confused because one minute I hear that where you go to school is more important…then it’s not so important because it’s truly your portfolio that matters.

Therefore, I’m wanting to know (and please be brutally honest)…is ID at Metro pointless? I need to know if I should just stay in my current career (banking of all the boring, uncreative, unfulfilling things) because it’s “safe” and throw away the design pipe dream? Thanks again.

You can do a search of these forums on the school versus major debate. I know it’s been discussed before. Your question about Metro may be new, though.

Anybody know anything about Metro?

Just thought I’d check :slight_smile:

ID just is a paper

But the design is yours viewpoint

in the end your portfolio is the key, but when they see CCS or Art Center compared to Joe Schmoe Unviersity they know that CCS or the similar most likely had a more intense program. Just from the fact that all they do at a dedicated design school is just design, all of the students are design obsessed. They dont want to be accountants and doctors, just live and breath design. very different experiences.

I had a friend at that school build some design models for me when my company was based in Denver… they have a pretty well equiped shop - fdm Machines, powder coarting ovens, CNC machines as well as the standard word and metal shops

I remember that one of the proffessors had worked in Samsung Korea’s Industrial design group too.

As far as what you’ll learn, I wasn’t to very impressed by the student work, but if your dying to go to Colorado, which is a GREAT place to live, you might be able to start your program there, excel at your work and transfer to a more prestegious school to graduate - I know people do that in other proffessions, like for a MBA