School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Any views on SAIC’s undergrad program? Would appreciate input on whether it’s really worth the $$, student life, internships, and overall reputation for a BFA. Thanks.

I received my BFA years ago from SAIC. I transfered in and did my last 73 credits (needed 133 to graduate) there.

Personally I was glad I did almost all of my gen ed classes (English, Math Science, etc) classes at a regular university. (A lot cheaper since I started at a state school.)

SAIC has changed a bit since I went there but I would still say it still leans heavily in the fine art area. You will find the the student work is of a very high quality.

I returned to school about a year ago for design and decided against SAIC. Combination of $$ and emphasis too fine art… and I already have a fine art degree from there.

One more thing. The school is on a pass/fail grading system. If you are not a mature/responsible student with a passion for what you do don’t go here. You can pass by just doing mediocre work and showing up to class but you won’t learn much and have a sh*tty portfolio if you do that.