School comparisons, and opinions

Does anyone have any feedback on the Industrial Design at California College of the Arts in comparison to other art schools offering ID?

Can any students or alumni share their thoughts on the overall opinion on CCA?



Does anyone have anything to say about California College of the Arts? Good or Bad??? Is there anyone here from California even???

Are there any other discussion boards that might have members who could provide me with some feedback?


The Good: yves behar is the new chair, so assuming he is more than an absent figurehead, you are certain to get some good press on your projects (or at least yves will get some good press - try to stand close when the media flashbulbs are going off!). anytime there is a change at that level, there is bound to be some interesting challenges and opportunities for those who are pro-active. also, SF area is a hotbed of ID and communication design, so there should be lots of networking opportunities and chances to get close to current world class ID.
The Bad: the school/ID program used to be overly focused on “sustainability”, green stuff, etc. that’s fine for all the “world changers” out there who are going to find their own way (or end up making caramel macchiatos for $8/hr), but most corp. design and consultant design houses aren’t hiring based on green conscience. don’t neglect traditional ID skills and quality if your near term goal is to get a traditional (ie. majority) ID job. really, for being surrounded by some top studios, the CCA ID program should be better.
Other: notice the CCA ID faculty and their backgrounds (see website) - Art Center College degrees show up more than other schools. i can’t think of a more solid California option than Art Center.

You pretty much gave me answeres i was assuming to hear, Ive just been wondering quite a bit if my assumptions are correct. Im not choosing CCA specifically for the ID dept. I have 8 years of experience with GLASS and want to do a dual major. CCA has the best Glass department on the west coast. Art center unfortunatly does not have the facilities i need to continue with glass otherwise id be applying there. Art center is in pasadena no?Sustainable design is something i am interested but i want strong ID skills overall, and yes i do want a corporate design job when i graduate to pay off the loans regardless of my “good do-er” personality. SO basically i just gotta really bust my ass at CCA to get what i want out of the program? Will it be a red flag for me to have CCA on my resume??? Somehow i dont think i have the same goals or plans as other students beggining an ID education/career.