School choices - EmilyCarr vs CUSID

Hi there everyone,

Ive just gotten acceptance letters from 2 schools and I need to make a choice about where to study. Hopefully some people on this board might be able to give some useful feedback. Im choosing between Emily Carr in vancouver and Carleton University School of ID (CUSID) in Ottawa. If I go to emily Emily Carr i will need to take a year of general fine art first, but will still graduate at the same time. If I go to Cusid, I will take a very math/engineering heavy ID program, I think. Im leaning towards Emily Carr because its more artistic and I prefer the location, although im not sure that you’d be as employable upon graduating.

What do you people think? would it be a mistake or a good idea for me to go to Emily Carr?

thanks, DRosen.

I just got accepted to Emily Carr as well. I chose to go there because I am for more into product aesthetics than product engineering. There is no doubt that you will have a difference in experiences at either school. But if you are more into arts, go Emily Carr. If the techinical side of things interest you more, then I’d say do otherwise. I guess you also have to consider what exactly you want to be doing when you graduate, for me, I want to open a studio of my own and freelance, so employablity is sort of in my own hands, not the name of the school on my degree. Anyhow, good luck with your decision, and let me know what you decide! Maybe we will be in the same classes in september.



Emily Carr is a good school in general, plus Vancouver is a nicer city in comparison to Ottawa, i guess you’ll have a better time here at Emily Carr. Teachers and students are super friendly, plus you’ll have a chance to meet people from all over the world with all sorts of background.

Hey, since we’ll be schoolmates, look me up, msn, contact me ?! :wink:
maybe i can learn something from you guys :wink:

Well, I’ve decided on Emily Carr. Location is a big factor for me, and also I think I’ll enjoy the more artistic / aesthetic approach. See you guys in the fall!