school bag project.

Do you remember the first time at school with your new school bag?
The day you stood in a shop to buy your school bag with your grand parents?
Running to school because you are late with heavy weight on your shoulders?
Throwing and kicking this colorful thing?
Drawing your first letters on the bag?

I am doing a project on school bags. Right now at the stage of research, going to school, asking pupils and teachers…

I would appreciate your inspiration: Anything that comes to your mind, thoughts, opinions, situations or memories!!!

What crosses your mind?

Thanks for telling me!


At my school, bags are only allowed to and from school and not to classes, for back injury reasons and so people dont carry around weapons or such, not that anyone at my school would. Teachers just didn’t want us carrying around our desks on our back. MY older brother had his from kindergarten to eighth grade until it just gave out one day.

Students all over the world have totally different needs with regards to their local culture and education systems.

In Asia, elementry school kids carry as much as 5~10kg of books on their back. My teacher used to force us to carry every single text book and note book to school everyday so that we won’t forget to bring anything.

Then there is the lunch pack. Students from some countries bring lunch from home. Some buy them in school. Some schools distribute lunch. So how would you integrate the transportation of lunch packs into your bag design? Also, different culture will have different lunch package trends.

I will also investigate into the kind of things kids carry. From text books, note pads, stationery to electronic devices. Which things do they need to remove from their bags more often than others? (priority of accessibility)

Perhaps you just need to narrow down to a specific group of students. I don’t think it’s reasonable to try to design an universal school bag for everyone.

that being said, I am thinking of a new camera bag design for the pros.

That’s the exact opposite of my old high school. We had 1 min to get to our next class (a 4 story school), so there was no time to go to your locker to get books (they didn’t want people in the hallways- fight potential, etc). So you pretty much had to carry all of your books for the whole day with you all the time. Too bad the popular style back then was to carry on one shoulder, tsk tsk.

thank you for telling yout stories!!!

anyone got something else to write??

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I can’t believe nobody mentioned the obvious trend.

Materials today are usually clear or mesh so that weapons can’t be hidden inside. Many schoold have addopted a policy - all items must be visible.

Hi Janone,

Sounds like a nice little project. I’d love to see exactly what german and european schoolkids carry in their bags.

One way to document this would be to have take an overhead shot of the student, their bag, and all the object laid out on the floor. It would give a great visual indicator of who carries what. What could also be interesting is if you could recruit other people from other parts of the world to do the same- it could be a sweet little research project.

(Others have done this to great effect in both art and design with houses, camping trailers, circus tents, etc.)