School Advice

Hi guys. I have recently graduated from a local polytechnic here in Singapore and hold a diploma. I’d like to further my studies in industrial design by taking a bachelors but do not know which university is better for me.

I have done some research and seeked the advice from some of my lecturers as well as seniors and there were various suggestions such as University of Cincinnati, Royal college of the Arts, School of the Arts etc. However, some of these require SAT scores which my country does not have. Also, the tuition fees seems pretty insane. My current plan would be to try and obtain a scholarship and go to one in the States since from what I heard, forgive me if I am wrong, they seem to be advancing faster than those in the UK which has a larger focus on traditional ID.

Another route I have been thinking of would be for me to delay my studies for another 2 years and go straight to work first before continuing my bachelor’s. However, in Singapore, it is compulsory for us to serve the army for 2 years thus I am just afraid that dragging my studies for 4 years would not benefit me.

I personally thrive better at research phase of design and coming up with user experiences etc. rather than the traditional ID. However, I do not want to dive into pure interaction design as I still like a little bit of styling etc. even though it may not be my niche area.

Can anyone who have studied in any of these schools or really, anyone who has taken a bachelors in Industrial design and the likes offer some advice on some of the experiences you had in your school and which path I should take as I really do not want to waste my time and money on a school which teaches what I already learnt in my diploma program.

I know this may be the wrong section but if it helps, do look at my portfolio and let me know what you think and which area I should pursue,. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks! :smiley: