Scholarships, Fellowships, Grants... Competitions?

Hi guys I’m wondering if any new opportunities have opened in the field of ID for financial aid. Aside from the IDSA and IED scholarships, the landscape seems somewhat bleak. Any suggestions?

not much there aside from loans…

try getting an internship or co-op instead, cash plus experience!

Interestingly, as in so many other places I’ve looked, Industrial Design is completely unrepresented…WTF?

Does the design world at large even know about us?

I ran into this problem when looking at the website for Design Week San Francisco. the AIGA was the organization that put it on, and somehow IDSA’s not involved at all? Hm…

It’s under product design.

Dyson run “Eye for why” competition, (google it, sorry :frowning:), but its more invention/design engineering focused. There’s a certain financial reward for it.

If competitions are not bringing you the money, try to get to business conferences, talk about design to those who don’t know about it, etc. I.e sell yourself.

Not sure if you all know about this but is a great scholarship resource.

Ok sain which type of resources you are talking about ,please let me know.