Scary, very scary

Liberals talk about Fox news being biased. I was just watching CNN during an interview with Kerry in Iowa. After stating how saddam wasn’t related to al queda or a threat to the US one reporter asked Kerry about how that statement conflicts with what he said… and then the audio feed mysteriously got cut while the reporter was asking him this important question on how he could state the exact opposite before the war.

Kerry is listening intently to the question, the question ends, Kerry begins to respond and miraculously the audio kicks back on! Holy f’ning liberal media conspiracy. Damn that is some scary shit that they would censor that reporter on CNN.

"CNN may have fumbled the interview. The president invaded Iraq. Which is worse?

And my favorite bumper sticker:

“At least no one died when Clinton Lied”

Fuck Injury Trial Lawyers

“Flush the Johns in November”