scanning sketches

Which program is best for scanning sketches? Also, some of my sketches come out a little on the light side. How do I make them darker?

photoshop should be able to do it for you. under the file tab, import, then your scanner (make sure the driver is installed).

once you scan, you can control the darkness/lightness/etc with photoshop to your liking.

Try setting you scan as multiply. this should help!!!

Also, once you’ve scanned the image in Photoshop, you can use the levels tool (control-L or command L) to remove smudges, scratches, and other stuff in a matter of seconds.

Maybe I’ve gone crazy, but I prefer taking photos of my sketches instead of scanning them. A digital camera is faster than a scanner, not to mention that you get quite a few extra controls of luminosity and even color when taking the shots.

Maybe if you’re good enough at photography it can be as good… When I took a fine art class, I had a professional studio take pictures of some paintings and it was like they were scanned. I think in general though, scanning is better for sketches.

the digital camera is smaller too and is often with you everyplace.