Scanning Sketches into PS

Hi, how does one get a scanned pen sketch to look so good in Photoshop? Are those done on a tablet? My sketches were done with a bic ballpoint pen and they look a little bit like chicken scratch scanned, I really want to get them nice and clean like martin’s example here.
Thanks All!

My Sketches:

What I’m Looking For:

bottom one looks like a tablet sketch, not a scan…

Ok so that is a tablet? Thanks. Is there any way to improve scanned pen sketches or is that as good as they’re gonna get?
thanks again

The scanner won’t improve your line quality. You still have a lot of work to do with perspective and making confident strokes with your pen. Check out the Scott Robertson gnomon videos for good tips and pointers. The scanner is capturing your sketches fine, the sketches just need more work.

Thanks for the advice:) Back to the drawing board…