Scanning Canson

Hey all,

Lately I’ve been into using the Canson technique for ideation sketches, but scanning them in is a pain when it comes to throwing them all together. The paper I use is the same for all of them and I was wondering if anyone has any input for scanning/'shopping. When it comes to scanning, the paper color is different on all of them ever-so-slightly (no matter what I do) making it difficult to move them around a page. Multiply can work, but all light values will disappear – creating more work for yourself.

Again, I’ve made it work before but in the end it wasn’t worth the time put into it – there must be a better way. Thoughts?

Are any of your scan settings on ‘Auto’? Manually set them so it doesnt change the settings for each scan. You could also use a high quality camera like a DSLR to shoot (find a photo studio/well lit area).