scanning 6.5" x 17" artwork

I am having a heck of a time figuring out how to get this done. I have over 300 comic strips I’ve drawn ranging back to University. The originals are all collecting dust and occupying space in my closet. I want to scan them and get rid of the originals, minus a small handful of my favorites.

I have a Canon Multi Function scanner (previously had an HP). They don’t seem to be able to scan this document size. Tells me “too long”.

I was really hoping to be able to put these on the document feeder and making it an easy job. I’d rather not stitch and fuss around with that.

Any suggestions while I wait for Canon Tech Support to get back to me?

Could they be taped to an 11x17 document and scanned? What does the printer say is the max size for the feeder?

Sometimes it tries to autodetect the aspect ratio and might think it’s a 4X6 print"

Do you have a feeder or flatbed scanner? If it’s flat bed, just scan twice. If feeder, how can it tell it’s too long? I’d feed it in one way, and then flip it and feed it in the other way. Then photoshop.

Or just bring to Kinkos.

I’m trying to avoid the stitching in PS…VERY time consuming…expecially when you have one of those new fangled document feeders.

It is a Canon MX870 multi function with feeder.

I probably should just bite the bullet and take it to kinkos…but I plan on doing more…and would like this to be nice and…easy :S

Hmm - yeah says on there the max document size for the feeder is 8.5x14".

Kinkos is probably the easiest bet - or looking for a cheapo 11x17 flatbed on Ebay.

I’ve read that there’s ways to “trick” it into scanning bigger…but can’t find how.


Do you have access to a copy machine? You could photocopy 2 strips at a time and have the machine downsize them onto a legal sheet of paper probably.

Hmmmmm…Now that’s using your noodle :slight_smile:

That will get me through this hump, likely. But I’d still like to see if there’s a way to hack a driver for my scanner.