Scale Model Supplies

We have been assigned our next project, an 1/8 scale model of a house. I have searched google but cant seem to find many model supply shops that cater to what I am looking for. I would like to incorporate “grass” and some “trees” which are not too hard to find but “tile” as well but cannot find that… I also have to recreate a brick wall on the outside…

any suggestions on sites or how to go about doing this… I will be using basswood and chipboard unless anyone suggests any other materials…

also best material for glass windows and doors?


Have you looked for these supplies online?

I see lots of sites that sell these sorts of things.

1/8 is a huge scale for a house. That’s what, 3’ or 4’ a side? You could just about use it as a playhouse.

For smaller scale stuff, model railroad places are great. There is a huge selection of material for people who custom build train sets- scale lumber, I beams, roofing, everything. Some of that can probably be adapted for what you’re doing, but at that size I think you’re going to be making pretty much everything from scratch.

I think he means 1/8" = 1’-0" – try Charrette

yeah you’re are right Dan thanks for clarifying … stopped by a local hobby shop today… they said it would be better to use a styrene than bass wood…