SCAD ??????

Anyone have any opinions on Savannah College of Art and Design? Looking in to there grad program. Just wanted to get some feedback on the school.

Hows there program?
Hows the town?

search it, 'take you all week to read up…

what do you mean no_spec

SCAD is worth checking out, I’ve been there for four years and seen alot of change. The I.D dept. went from being housed within a tiny building to having one of the newest state of the art buildings in the U.S. After visiting other schools, i can proudly say that our facilities are quite impressive and put others to shame. The department itself is constantly improving and growing. Our faculty has been growing considerably in the past four years and each one brings a new approach to design. Our professors are beyond experienced, and really care to help the students out. We also have an Interaction Design minor within the major that has gotten national acclaim. Our department has gotten a lot of bad press, for really no reason. All i know is, everyone says we are a money hungry school, but we are far from the most expensive art school, FAR. And we have one of, if not the best, facilities in the nation. We have recently purchased two more rapid prototyping machines, so your “high tuition” doesn’t go unnoticed. We are a non-profit school, so money hungry or not, you see where your money is going, which is nice. In my four years, we have placed in such competitions as IDSA IDEA, IPST Energy Challenge, JPMA, Housewares, CHI etc. Also our job placement is outstanding compared to other schools. There are former students now working across the world in firms ranging from Ideo to BMW Design Works.

Everyone should check out our most recent collaborative project with Redbull where we designed and assembled two full scale model Race Bikes you can find them on the website

Which brings me to my last point. SCAD works off of a quarter system, so our quarters are only 10 weeks long. Which makes our department fast paced, demanding, and competitive. Hopefully this was helpful. I could go on, but it’s better to just go see it for yourself, It’s worth your time.

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