scad vs. IIT (and why's iit so mysterious?)

I applied to both of these programs as well…my vote is IIT. When i went to visit SCAD the prof. i spoke with from the program referred to IIT as the “crown jewel of design”…so he basically sold me on that. Also, i think if you are studying design, you should live in a city where there are more resources. And the program at IIT seems better connected, publishes info about hire rate, and there are more classes and student to share the knowledge/resources/post grad connections.


Thanks a lott for the posts and a great explanation for your decisions. I am an undergrad in Mech Engg from India. ( am with Caterpillar for about 1.5 yrs now)

I am planning on design grad studies and the iit’s dual program seemed really cool. Your post has helped me clear a lotttt of questions i had about the program. Once again thanks for sharing.


My knowledge of both schools is limited, but after visiting both cities, Savannah is a lot more fun. The people are genuine and easy to talk to. The city is very walkable. The beach is 45 minutes away. Chicago is just, well if you’re not wealthy, kind of a cess-pool. Savannah is not without its ghettos, but they’re much more pleasant than the rough parts of Chicago. I hope that helps inform your geographical decision at least.