I am nearing the end of my first year at Arizona State University, and will be applying for the second year in their ID program at the end of this semester. Only 28 out of the remaining 80 students will be accepted, but I am pretty confident about it at the time being.
First semester, I was pretty unhappy at ASU, but after being away from Phoenix for winter break and over the course of this semester, ASU has grown on me quite a bit.
I just visited some friends at SCAD over spring break, also taking time to visit the facilities and see their awesome resources. I applied to transfer there over winter break, and have received a scholarship that would make it possible for me to go there.

So, I have a pretty difficult decision to make, and was hoping to get some insight(pros/cons) from students that have been through both programs.

For example, the main complaint that I have heard while talking to students at the ASU program is that the projects have not changed for a long time, and every year a student can expect to receive the same assignments as the students before them. Could this lead to some difficulty in finding a job based on a portfolio made up of mostly schoolwork? Wouldn’t employers get tired of seeing the same projects from ASU students year after year? I was wondering if it is the same case at SCAD, or if the projects in the classes are changed every year or two. Maybe this isn’t even that much of an issue, because it really does depend on how the student carries out the project…

One of the main complaints that I heard from first year SCAD students is that there isn’t much to do in Savannah… not many good concerts, etc. Obviously, because of the size of Phoenix, there are many more shows, but regarding the atmosphere of the places, I prefer the quaint Savannah.

I would really appreciate any input, advice, or info that I might not know… for example, which school would be better if I plan to go to grad school in the EU? or which school has a better reputation for their students finding jobs?

Hi! :slight_smile:

What did you ever do about SCAD vs. ASU? I am in the midst of trying to figure out, actually, which program to attend myself.


Do they still make you design toothbrushes? I think I had three of those assignments.

This seems to be the case at a lot of schools, some tired old instructors are set on their ways and show no creativity (which helps explain why they are teaching and not working in the field).

Scad does have many repeated projects in the lower level classes. But many of the upper level classes have sponsored projects the change frequently… Such as right now there are classes for Fossil, Kids II, JCB, and Freescale