SCAD Graduate ID

Hi All,

I was recently accepted into SCAD’s graduate ID program. I have been doing some research on the school, and have mostly found older posts on the topic. Are there any current or recent graduates of the program who can provide a more current review?

Some specific questions:

-How is the basic organizational structure of the program?
-Do graduate students get their own work spaces on campus?
-Does the school provide software, or are you required to purchase it separately?
-How’s the quality of life in Savannah for a grad student?

Any info you could provide would be very helpful. Thanks.

SCAD BFA grad here.

To answer some questions…

  1. I’ll let someone else nail that one
  2. Yep, they get their own studio spaces in a massive state-of-the-art ID building
  3. The school provides computer labs filled with software. I recall getting discounts on software if you needed it on your laptop. I never used a laptop and the computer labs were great. New, fast, computers with up to date cutting edge software.
  4. The quality of life in Savannah is tough to beat. It’s small enough where you can focus on your studies, large enough for plenty to do, and probably the most beautiful/idyllic city in the United States. Doesn’t hurt that the beach is only 10 minutes away. Oh, and Zunzi’s…
  1. I visited SCAD when looking at going for my MFA and was completely blown away by the computer labs and what the students had at their disposal. And that was more than 10 years ago…

Another SCAD grad here (though quite a few years before Taylor). I second everything that Taylor mentioned. I will add that the school is constantly improving and keeping the program up to date. While I was there I remember us getting our first 3D printer. This was way before even most design firms and model shops had 3D printers. We were all taught and required use it. When I graduated I took a job at a small start-up firm that had one and I taught the veteran designers how to operate the machine. Felt great.

Like Taylor mentioned as well…The city of Savannah is probably the best place I have ever lived. It has its own culture, and there is no other city like it. If I could have stayed I would have. The foods great, the people are great, the bar scene is awesome, and the weather in the fall, winter, and spring is amazing. The summer is pretty…well very hot.

If you decide to go there make sure you absorb every word that comes out of Bob Fee’s mouth. He is a gentle humble guy, that you may sometimes think is unorganized, but trust me he has more knowledge about this profession than everyone on these boards will ever know. He is by far the smartest man in that department. Oh and tell him I said hi!!


Thanks for all the helpful responses, everyone. Just a few more questions that perhaps some of you could answer…

-How many students typically enroll in SCAD’s grad program each year?

-Also, how does a MFA from SCAD look to employers? Granted, I know that my ultimate success is determined by my body of work and not the school I attend, but nevertheless, schools do have reputations and employers do have to make quick judgements so I just want to hear what everyone thinks.