SCAD Freescale Netbooks class.

Hello, I’m in a bit of a pickle. Well, I’m in the understanding that when a project is done within the school, the school has license and authority over the material and process/research. Well, here is my rub, when I was in Senior studio at Scad, I pursued a project that seemed eerily similar to that which Scad recently turned into a class.

I’m not trying to defame SCAD in any way! I got a great education and met some fantastic people!

BUT, I was wondering, what is a tasteful way of mentioning that this Idea ‘might’ have influenced the school into developing the class. I can’t quite figure a good way of mentioning this connection on a formal document (CV/resume). I know what you might be thinking, that this might be coincidence, but Its a bit too similar to me. Attached are a couple of articles on the class that have made the news, as well as a link to my Process book PDF.

Slashgear Article Article

Scad Presentation

The Scad team did a great job with the assignment!

Here is my process book from a few quarter’s prior: Process book

What would be a good was of mentioning this similarity in a professional way? If it sounds like I am wining, tell me!

Have you talked to Tom or Bob about this? I am a SCAD grad and knowing the two of them and still working pretty close to them I could say that they would be very open to your comments. I don’t see why it would be any problem putting in you resume of Portfolio what you just wrote in your post. From what I have seen they used you designs in the Core article and I have a feeling this is what drove them to go forward with the China project. Why can’t you mention that? I do not see any harm in saying that you influence their decision. You are not saying that everyone’s designs are yours or that the idea is yours, but merely that that you influenced it.

My strongest suggestion is to talk to Bob Fee. He has a great deal of knowledge, you can talk openly with him, and he will not take anything you say personally. He has not only been a great professor of mine, but is a great friend, and a great mentor. He will tell you straight up what to do. He may say you are full of yourself (which I do not think he will) or he will tell you how to word this to make it work. Trust me, me and Bob had many of these types of conversations.

I hope all works out for you and keep us posted.

Not to rub you the wrong way - but one of the professors of the class was a former Motorola. Do you think that had anything to do with the Freescale link, or did you communicate with them during your project.

If you had direct interaction with the professors that led this effort, it would be worth contacting them, but otherwise I’m thinking this is just one of those areas (netbooks and the social networking generation) that a lot of people have been looking at. Someone said it best in another thread that ideas are like waves, and at some point theres bound to be more than 1 person riding the same one.

I’m not sure this is something worth mentioning in a CV unless you actually stayed in a graduate type roll and developed the program/curriculum. To say that it was based on your idea is something nice in conversation, but you have to be realistic about what your involvement was in this.

But I have a limited knowledge of the subject based on what you wrote and what was posted, so I’m just playing devils advocate.

Cyberdemon, that is a completely valid point, even if you were coming from the Dev Adv angle. You see, I wasn’t entirely sure what my bounds were on commenting on the similarities! Not that it does matter, but one of the professors from the Freescale class did attend my presentation.

Just to clarify, what is the similarity/connection between your project, and the class?

I guess it isn’t that prevalent! I was just taking the net book concept/processor I.MX151 Freescale technology(as oppose to the intel atom)/ the targeting towards a specific demographic . My big concern was the use of the same processor from Freescale (a relatively unknown processor next to the intel lineup).

I need to re-emphasize, I’m not out defame anyone, I am really appreciative of the education I recieved and I had a great time! I was just asking if i have a valid place in mentioning the similar subject of a Freescale net-top computer. I really appreciate the constructive criticism!

How did the choice of the Freescale over the Atom chip affect the design?
I ask because this is the first project I’ve seen where the chip is the focus of the design.

That is an interesting point! When I used the Freescale processor, I used it to reduce the form factor and battery size. With this chip over the atom, the battery doesn’t need to be as ‘beefy’. This chip allows for a full 8 hours of usage on a 45 minute charge. The atom, if I remember correctly, if only 3-5 hours of usage.

Freescale sponsored the SCAD project. Did they also sponsor your project? How did you hear about them and why did you choose them?

Designing a netbook seems like a pretty obvious project, so I can’t see a claim of plagerism there. But the Freescale connection is pretty specific and does connect to your project. Is that what you’re upset about?

No no no! I’m not upset at all! Re-read my first post. I was just asking the best way to mention this on a professional level, like on my CV or in my portfolio!

Your project looks great, but how original is the idea of developing a netbook really? You may find it hard to convince anyone that you inspired SCAD to consider netbooks as a project. Even if you actually did, it will unfortunately look like taking credit where none is due. I would avoid trying to create that impression.

Well, it could be very flattering in your resume to say “project inspired SCAD to create a class.”
But you should verify that with the professors first.