SCAD eLearning? (or comparable options)


Wondering if anyone has experience with eLearning programs. I’m specifically looking at the certificate program in Interactive Design at SCAD online: Minors and certificates | SCAD

As background, I’ve read all the knocks against SCAD in general so I’m aware it’s a pretty polarizing topic. I’m an established professional and my work exposes me to a lot of design, but I’m not satisfied with my role and the direction of my career - currently a senior level Brand Manager in the video games industry (it’s cool, but a brand manager or marketing director’s design contribution typically consists of “make the logo bigger”). I already have a master’s degree (MBA) and I’m looking to transition over to a creative/digital agency or product design firm at some point. Getting hired at such a firm with my background isn’t unheard of, but it’s usually more for account management type roles. I’d like to be more of a design strategist or creative director (maybe a stretch) someday. I read a lot about design and work well with my agencies, but when it comes to technical skill, I’m just not at that level and need to beef up. There are very few design schools in my area and even fewer with part-time, continuing ed options. I’m also approaching middle age with a mortgage and mouths to feed so starting over isn’t an option.

Thanks for taking the time.

I assume your undergraduate degree is not in design?
I agree that it’s unlikely you’d get hired as an entry level designer after graduation, you wouldn’t like the pay cut anyway.

It will be necessary for you to prove that you have some design chops before you can lead/direct a design team however, my suggestion is to get into a small firm that needs a Jack of All Trades.

Thanks. Yeah no undergrad design degree either and agree about small firms. I actually work with some boutique agencies who have even alluded to possibilities with them, but again with my current skill set I think it would be more of account management or consumer research and strategy. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but I’ve always found myself most drawn to the creative stuff. In my role I’m already the project lead for all kinds of creative initiatives, but giving overall brand direction is one thing. Taking ideas from concept to creation, understanding technical constraints and design sensibilities is another… That’s why I’m trying to learn more about how to actually design, even though I don’t expect to work as a designer. Anyway, something like the SCAD program seems like a good option as I think I’ll only get so far with self-teaching. Would welcome any other thoughts or opinions.

Thanks again.

how confident are you that your current employer would hire one of the boutiques more often as a result of your working there? that is your ultimate appeal to them, work that angle before you leave…