Saving Money and Paper with Printed Portfolios

Hi all… As I’ve been working on my portfolio, I have had the opportunity to attend some job interviews…

The problem that I’m having is that, at the moment, I’m printing off the portfolio (A4, colour, back to back) and getting it wire bound (nothing fancy, as it’s still a work in progress)…

This means that, when I complete more pages of my portfolio in InDesign, I simply can not just print it off and slot it in… and everytime I’ve got another job interview, I have to print off an entire new portfolio, as I would have completed more pages to add… This obviously wastes lots of paper and of course, money!!

So I’m trying to find a simple solution for printing a portfolio, where I can easily add and remove pages whenever I want… that still looks nice and professional (no plastic sleeves!), and is relatively easy on the budget!

Any suggestions??


I’m currently in the UK, and I’m not originally from here, so can anyone recommend reliable printing companies (preferably in the midlands and down south, London way)

Why print double-sided sheets? Why not do single sided, and find a clever way to bind the corner? Or, simply do each project bound individually so that they can be shared about the interview?

I had the same issues so I decided to spend a bit more initially and buy a nice leather bound portfolio case with sleeves that I could slide my pages into - binds and displays them nicely and will last a long time and its really easy to update as you go.

In my opinion there is nothing wrong with just taking sheets of unbound paper to interview, aslong as you have ordered yourself beforehand. This means if you have say 3 interviewers you can pass round the sheets easily rather than one person having the portfolio and the others waiting. Worked for me and my last company did similar.

Thanks guys…

@ tails1 - printing multiple copies works well… I ended up doing that as there’s going to be two interviewers…

@ Nurb - I really like the idea of have each project bound individually… and coming up with a clever way to design my own binding thing for a portfolio is something that, as someone who’s completed a course in ID, I should have thought of long ago!


This is my method, which has just landed me a new job!

You can then add and remove projects, shuffle the order as you please, and keep unused slides elsewhere in case you need them again.

Regarding printing, I find nothing beats buying a half decent Epson inkjet, but you do need to buy it and keep it topped up with ink. I always used Epson black and third party colours with mine with no loss of quality of colour reproduction.

I really like the loose project idea. I haven’t organized mine yet for an interview tomorrow, but when I had a portfolio review a while back, it was an awesome feeling to show the projects individually, because the interviewer can see my entire body of work simultaneously while they’re thinking about whether or not to hire you., whereas when you bind something, it’s always only 2 pages that might not be their favorites.