Save money as a transfer student vs. going straight to SCAD

I am about to graduate high school. My dream is to attend SCAD and major in Industrial Design. I have already paid my enrollment fee for $500 which is non refundable, I have recieved both Artistic and Academic Honors Scholarships as well as others. However, I would have to take out about $10,000 in student loans to pay off my tuition just for my first year then most like again for the next 3 years. I would like some advice on if I should go straight to SCAD and have at least $40,000 in loans plus interest after I graduate OR go to my community college for free then transfer to SCAD after I have take all of the core class at community college? Do you feel like I will miss out on oppurtunities or eduacation is I come into SCAD later? I am extremely passionate about art especially Industrial Design as well as SCAD it has been my dream school since the 8th grade but now im afraid…


Welcome to the boards. I cannot tell you what to do as far as money goes. That is completely up to you and your situation. What I can do though is give you advice on the school. As a SCAD grad myself I would suggest going in for the entire four years. You will be immersed in a complete creative environment and get much more out of the studies, than if you go in for just your last two years. Also you normally start your ID classes your second year, which gives you 3 years of real ID focused studies. Trying to cram all that into two years will not only be very stressful, but I think will effect your outcome as you will not have enough time to soak all of it in.

I would also be careful when it could to taking classes at a community college and transferring. If you were going to school for business, teaching, or any other non-creative subject I would say go for it (my sister is doing this for teaching) but when you plan to transfer to an art school you will probably have trouble with all your credits transferring. This could turn into a waste of money for you. I would do your research and make sure this does not happen. SCAD is a private school so I don’t think they are very accepting of others credits.

Hope this helps.

Student loans are pretty normal. I had plenty of friends with more loans than that, and this was in 1997 when 40gs was a lot more money relative to income.

Go to school. Enjoy it. The education has value that is hard to measure in dollars and cents. The connections you make by being there full time for all the years are irreplaceable.

Student loans are some of the most forgiving loans around. Don’t even bat an eyelash at the cost, just go. You’ll get so much more out of attending SCAD for 4 years than you will if you save a few thousand dollars here and there. I have friends who put themselves through med-school, law school, etc. They have hundreds of thousands of dollars tied up in student loans, and they survive. Money shouldn’t be as high on your priorities as you have put it. Getting the most out of your time there should be the highest priority.

And, it should be noted that you don’t start paying your loans off until you graduate.

Best of luck.

I am about to graduate SCAD’s ID program and also had to take out loans. It is completely worth taking them out to be involved with the program entirely. However, I know several students who have have taken there General Education classes at a community college of smaller state college here in Savannah. Armstrong, Savannah State University, or at home from the local community College, etc.

Looking back now, I shouldve done this. The gen ed classes are at the same level as a community college class. You will have to take roughly 11 classes at a tuition around 3,000. There is your 30000 in loans. Just make sure they transfer over. Most of the gen ed do. Just call SCAD before and have them help you.

Gen ed will most likely transfer but main curriculum will not.

Thank you so much for all of your advice. It has given me more confidence to do what my gut is telling me which is going straight to SCAD for all four years. Thank you.

another thing to consider is that you pay around 10k for room and board at SCAD. I would do that my first year there to get to know people and make friends (get into turner or turner annex!!! stay away from O-house!), but get an apartment with some roommates and pay 350 a month to save a lot of money. savannah real estate is pretty cheap…have fun there, boss!

Agree. When I was there Turner was not built. I stayed in Dyson House my first year. I moved downtown my second year and then out to Willmington Island my last two years. Living in an appartment gives you much more freedom and is a ton cheaper.

Do the gen eds at a community college. It’s not worth spending another 10k to get a bunch of mediocre liberal arts courses.

Also, post this topic on this forum:

You’ll get more well-rounded answers.

I transferred in and I think that helped me in a lot of ways. I saved a bunch of money because all of my liberal arts and science classes transferred, that allowed me to do ID in 3 years (net savings of 35k dollars). I also think I got better teachers in the liberal arts than could have been provided by Pratt; this is based off my exchanges with people, and reading/reviewing their work over the next three years.

It’s important to enjoy the time you have in school, but be forewarned: an education does not guarantee a job. There are a lot of threads on these boards about people who have a tough time finding work. If you can save a bunch of money and it won’t effect your ability to design or your goals as a designer then what’s wrong with taking summer english, math, and science classes somewhere else?

I would definitely take a look at how much exactly you would be saving by going to a community college and then transferring. I think it really depends on how much you’re worried about money.

Going straight to a 4-year is a massive waste of cash. Find a good community college, by all means, but don’t toss two years of general education tuition that would be better spent elsewhere.