Savannah college of art and design

Anyone here graduate from SCAD. If so are you in the field and what do you think of the education you recieved. Also is there anyone out there that has hired a SCAD student and how do they preform

I am a scad grad in ID 2003. I work for a lighting company in the field. It took me a year to find steady work, but for part of it I wasnt looking and also did some small freelance stuff in that year.

I got a lot from the education, the professors and young and energetic and have real-world experience. The curriculum is art/pyschology based. If your looking for engineering/heavy manufacturing this isnt the place to go. The industry collaborations are pretty good as are the facilities with are top notch, new computers, equipment, etc. The fabrication shops are great as is the environment. On top of that the schools setting in downtown Savannah is awesome. It doesnt help that theres a good bar scene either.

As with any education people take different things from it. As with any ID program there will be very successful grads and those that work at payless. There are art center grads flipping burgers.

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I am also a SCAD grad 2002. I am now working for M&M/Mars and have a great career. I feel the education I got was great but it did take me a while to find a job. I just wanted to see if there were any more SCAD greds out there and see what they think.


Anymore SCAD students or grads