satelite imagery

not design oriented but thought it was cool nevertheless.

Too bad it sucks compared to this:

(turn on the “satellite” link in the upper right.)

It almost gives me vertigo…

Next I want them to be able to give me a drivers-eye view movie of my trip using the sat imagery.

yeah too bad Terraserver has 100% satellite imagery of the entire US,…
plus IR imagery, plus B/W, Plus Topo,…

Google a driving map and has blind spots,…

now which was better?

It’s out dated.

sorry, terraserver no sucky.

Terraserver displayed my mum’s house from about 5000 feet, or at least that is what it zoomed in to (a guess). I could actually see their big garden shed in the backyard. Also can pan mile by mile in any direction as far as you have patience for. Terraserver locates by lat and long too.

FAR more detail than google; they didn’t even have coverage of her county.

But it is outdated; newest images are from '99 I think. Real time would be well, real.

Anybody remember the .com that supplied all the satelite imagery of Iraq during the, ummmm, police action… . .

Surprises Lurk in Satellite Snaps,1282,67190,00.html?tw=wn_2techhead

even the top secret ones,…

Okay. . … … terraserver-usa SUCKY.

Just found my house using google satelite, found my forty foot sloop on her mooring in Avila Beach, found my mother-in-laws house in Indianapolis. Even found Space Launch Complex 6 on Vandenberg AFB, California (north of Pt. Conception…) Too bad it doesn’t kick out lat and long data with the image like terraserver does … it would come in handy while navigating up and down the coast.

But I still couldn’t find MY mother’s house in Columbus, Indiana. They don’t have enlarged coverage of that area from less than what appears to be twenty thousand feet … maybe later.

So, hat’s off… . .