SAT 2 required to apply for art schools in the states?

I’m in the process of applying for art colleges now. Currently I’ve chosen CCAD, CIA, RISD and UIUC. I’ve taken SATs but I’m not sure if it is a requirement to take SAT 2 as well to enter, and it is also not being stated on their websites sigh. very helpful indeed

Well, I’ve emailed them, but haven’t gotten a response yet. Does anyone know if I must take SAT 2? How about other art colleges apart from the ones I’ve mentioned? Oh btw, I’m choosing to study industrial design.

Thx. :smiley:

Could someone help me please… this is pretty urgent.
Universities have not replied me yet…

I don’t know about the others, but I only did SAT’s for RISD to get in. Not really familiar with SAT2? Is that a new thing (within past 10 yrs)?

thx skinny for the reply. :smiley:

guess art colleges look more into the portfoilio than the SATs and SAT 2s.

I tok SAT but I don’t even think they cared. They just want my toefl scores and portfolio… and financial support proof…

oh yeah?
looking at your details, are you from Taiwan? :smiley:

yea I saw some colleges stating that SAT not required for International Students but it’s a plus if you take it.

It was a waste of money for me. I took it twice.

lol. damn. i took it twice too. sigh.


Haha, yeah I’m Taiwanese.

if u r looking into ccad, i know they dont really care for ur sat scores…coz i gave it myself…all they care about is ur toefl scores…that helps them determine whether u need extra english speaking courses once u get here…so yeah…dont waste ur time giving em again and again! good luck!

hehe alright. thx for the reply.

what do you think of CCAD btw?