Sani-Lunch: What do you think so far?

Hi everyone, I’m a new forum member, but have been a lurker of Core77 for awhile. Quick intro of myself: Just graduated from SFSU, reworking my portfolio to find an ID job (like everyone else). Now onto the jucier stuff…

Problem: 70% of children don’t wash their hands prior to eating their lunch which leads to the flu, cold, diarrhea, etc…
Proposed solution: Humans are creatures of habit. The ideal solution would be to change that BAD habit of never washing their hands into a GOOD habit of ALWAYS washing their hands before lunch.

So far I’ve done the research and ideation sketches, my next step is trying to figure out what my final solution should be so I can start the modelling on Solidworks/Alias. I think I still need to do more explanation sketches, so if you find anything confusing, unclear, or ways to improve my sketches then please let me know. Any feedback would be really appreciated, thanks alot :smiley:

These are some images of things that helped me gain a better understanding of colors and forms. Children tend to like bright “clashy” colors and round shapes.

The ideation on this page was a lunchbox that would dispense Purell hand sanitizing solution using a Pulling motion much like those dispensers used in the public bathrooms. The lid pops open automatically as the little handle is pulled, thus “forcing” the child to clean his hands before gaining access to his/her lunch.

Second set of ideas is based on the Pushing motion of the dispenser. Again, the lid pops open automatically when the button is pushed.