Sanford VERITHIN lead question

Hi all, I use sanford verthins (black, indigo, non-repro) for all my linework and I go through about a pencil a day.

I contacted sanford to see if they produce JUST the lead, without the wood, to put in a lead holder. Unfortunately, they do not, so i have a question;

Does anyone know if a different company produces just the leads in similar colors and hardness to verithins?

If you are good with pencil, you can make them last and remain sharp all the time. The trick is to rotate your pencil from time to time. I have seen it work, takes practice.

I rotate my pencil plenty, thanks.
Keeping my tip sharp isn’t the issue. I keep it sharp down to the wood. The issue is all the wood im wasting. If i was able to just advance the lead, i wouldn’t need a sharpener at all.

I like the Staedtler Mars Lumograph leads. They come in all different hardnesses and go with standalone lead holders. They’re just graphite so not sure if it’s exactly what you’re looking for compared to the verithins. Then you have to get one of those weird little spinaround sharpeners, but there’s no wood wasted, and it doesn’t fill up as often.
You can buy a pack for $2-$4 and it has 2 or 4 full length leads.

Skinny, im looking for something that’s waxy like the verithins. (i drag the side of my hand when i draw, and it smudges normal graphite) Verithins dont erase, but that’s not a problem.

I’m a notorious heavy-handed smudger too, so I go with a really hard 4H lead. No smudging at all but you can still erase. Only problem is that it doesnt’ go to black and you’ll punch through thin paper.
Sorry, can’t be of much more help with verithin type lead-onlys.

Pentel makes color mechanical pencil leads. I’m not sure about how they stand up to smudging, but they come in a range of colors and hardnesses. check out for more info.

Non photo Blue:

Colored leads:

Red: Staedtler Mars Lumochrom Lead Holder Refill - 2 mm - Red - Pack of 4 | JetPens

I hope this helps.

nice they have colored led, I had no idea that existed.